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Join Our Team

Christmas Help

From food hampers to helping put toys and clothes under the tree, The Salvation Army is providing practical assistance to those in need this Christmas.

Families and individuals begin registering for holiday assistance from October through November.

Contact us and find out how you can join our team and help us Give Hope Today!

Salvation Army volunteer sorting food in a food bank
An adult and a youth Salvation Army Christmas kettle volunteer, smiling to donor outside a Salvation Army thrift store.
A Salvation Army volunteer in wheelchair smiles at individual donating to kettle inside a shop.
Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign

The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign is one of Canada’s largest and most recognizable annual charitable events. In addition to the critical fundraising impact of the Campaign, the Christmas kettles boost the Army’s visibility and awareness. In fact, there are more than 2,000 kettle locations across Canada that support a wide range of Salvation Army programs.

For many Canadians, the Christmas kettles are their only point of contact with The Salvation Army all year. According to public opinion polling, more than half of all Salvation Army donors list “giving to a Christmas kettle” as their primary method of giving to The Salvation Army.

As a result, every year, we rely on our amazing volunteers to help make this possible.

Contact us today to find out how you can help us Give Hope Today!

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