• Doctrine Project

    The Doctrine Project is an entirely new initiative to assit with our Youth discipleship programs. By discussing the Doctrines of The Salvation Army students can wrestle with facets of their faith that might be otherwise ignored. The unassuming style of this cast of characters help to make each topic relatable and available for questions. Taking the ‘stuffy’ out of these old words help to make the 11 Doctrines of The Salvation Army current and applicable. These videos are intended to be accompanied by the lesson plan of our discipleship program, fielding questions as they go, and learning as a group, which is part of the continuing ministry here at Oakville Community Church.

  • Resource Corner

    Resource Corner is a multi-episode podcast that searches for and reviews online Bible study and Devotional apps. Be sure to check in regularly for new episodes!


Doctrine # 6 with Guy Smiley, Super Spy!

August 16, 2023 Episode Doctrine Project
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